Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back from silence

Apparently I've decided that I want to comment on a lot of other blogs, so maybe I should start to keep this place up again.  If nothing else, I can use it to jot down notes on things I'm thinking about.

I'm back to cycling again after the winter.  I should start jogging again soon -- the group thing ended up petering out after a few weeks because jogging in the middle of the workday was a huge scheduling hassle.

Some stuff I've been up or will be up to soon:
  • Vacation on Maui for a week.  Played with an underwater camera and enclosure.
  • Almost 40k gold in WoW, even after buying up a bunch of expensive recipes.
  • Sarth+3 in WoW (a few months back).
  • Replaced the rear tire on my bike, and replaced it again...  one of the blocks to my cycling.
  • Noodling out some visualization and presentation stuff for work.
  • Trying to find a fun new coding project.
  • Been cooking more, and talking about doing some remodeling.

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